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C++, C#, Java
UML conception
2D and 3D engines in OpenGL
Source Engine
Unreal Engine 4
Cry Engine 3
Javascript, JQuery, Ajax
Wordpress, Sharepoint
3DS Max, Zbrush, Blender

Name: Raphael Chappuis
Age: 24
Nationality: French


About me

I entered the IT world since childhood. My father being a passionate, taught me my first skills in this environment.

Later during my studies, when I had to make a professionnel career choice, it is natural that I chose computer programming. In the middle of my course, I moved to programming in video games in order to have a broader range of skills in this area. Game development is an area that uses a large number of technologies.

During my free time I also like to learn the modeling and animation of 3D models and design levels for the video game.

My course

From 2009, I first studied Computer Sciences at the University of Savoy in France. This way, I learned the principle of programming applications and websites. After 2 years there, I moved into video-games programming at the University of the West of Scotland at Paisley in Scotland. There, I learned a lot about using OpenGL to create my own engines(2D and 3D) and games using C++.

I then studied for 2 years in the programming course at the ENJMIN in France. During my master I had the chance to work on team projects with people from most domains found in the video games industry. To conclude my master degree, I did my intership at Ubisoft Mobile in Paris for 6 months. There I worked mostly on graphic programming using GLSL on their custom engine.

About this website

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